The Munin plugin is a plugin for WHM that you can install and use to monitor your servers resources. It’s free and made by cPanel Inc. Installing the Munin plugin can easily be done right within WHM.

To install Munin, log into your WHM and click on “cPanel” in the main menu on the left hand side.

installing the munin plugin

With the cPanel options that are now displayed click on “Manage Plugins”.

installing the munin plugin

Check the box in the Munin section of the page that reads “Install and keep updated”.
installing the munin plugin

Click the save button below the plugins.

You now have Munin installed within your WHM.

Seeing Munin Statistics

To use Munin and see the statistics it is providing, navigate to Plugins > Munin Service Monitor in the main menu on the left hand side of WHM.

install munin plugin in whm

404 Error

If you receive a 404 error, this can take a few minutes to finish up installing. My most recent instalment of Munin gave me a 404 error and then displayed properly after about 6 minutes.